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Galaxy Messier 108 and planetary nebulae Messier 97 in Ursa Major

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Exposure data 10.02.2008
Camera EOS 350 D
Instrument 8" Photo Newton
Mount Gemini 41
Filters none
Exposure time 28 x 300s, 140 minutes at ISO 800
Image Orientation North is up, east is left
Datareduction and image processing THELI, PHOTOSHOP
Imaging conditions
Very good seeing conditions for my location.
Object data
M108  Size: 8.6'x 2.4'
Brightness: 10.00
Surface brightness: 13.10
J2000 RA:11h11m30.00s        DE:+55°40'00.0"
Dist. 45 Mio Ly

M97 Size: 3.4'x 3.3'
Brightness: 11.00
Surface brightness: 12.10

J2000 RA: 11h14m48.00s DE:+55°01'00.0"

Distance to sun
M108 ca. 45 million Ly
My first really good image after learning astro imaging for around two years.