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Spiral Galaxy M33 in Triangulum

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Exposure date 08.10.2010,09.10.2010, 10.10.2010 and 11.10.2010
Camera Artemis 4021
Instrument 12,5" Newton RCNA
Mount Gemini 41
Filters Baader LRGB Filterset
Exposure time (L,R,G,B)(13x10x10x9) * 600s, total 7 Stunden
Image orientation North is up, east is left
Datareduction and image processing THELI, PHOTOSHOP
Imaging conditions Good seeing conditions, but a lot of stray light due to some low stratos
Object data
Size:  68.7'x 41.6'  
Brightness:  5.70
Surface brightness: 14.20

J2000 RA:   1h33m54.00s   DE:+30°39'00.0"

Distance to sun ca 3 million Ly



The spiral galaxy Messier 33 in constellation Triangulum. This image should only be a test for the modification of my Gemini 41 Mount. I had always guide errors in RA direction which could not be determined. But then I worked out that one of the four RA motor cables had a cold solder joint. After the modification the mount is working !

I wondered about the details found in M33. Especially the details in NGC 604 are impressive for such a small aperture instrument.

















Here you see a 300 % crop of the HA Regions in the northern part of M33