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The galaxygroup NGC4169 et al (The Box) and galaxycluster Abell 1495 in Coma Berenice

[ NED, Image Server]

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Exposure date
February, march, april 2010 and february 2011
Camera Artemis 4021
Instrument 12,5" Newton RCNA
Mount Gemini 41
Filter Baader LRGB Filterset
Exposure time (L,R,G,B)(34x7x11x24) * 600s, total 12 H 40 min
Bildorientierung Norden oben, Osten links
Datareduction and image processing
Imaging conditions varying conditions, a lot of bad frames due to problems with my mount


Object data


The Galaxygroup The Box.

Consisting of the galaxys:

NGC4173, the blue big spiralgalaxy NGC4173 at north west position of the group

NGC4175, the edge on spiralgalaxy eastern of NGC4173

NGC4174 the edge on spiralgalaxy southern of NGC4173

NGC4169 the elliptic galaxie western of NGC4174

The galaxy cluster Abell 1495 in the north western part of the image

Distance to sun

The distance of the group members is stated by

NGC4169 180 Mio. Ly. NGC 4174 and NGC4175 192 Mio Ly and 190 Mio Ly.

The fourth memeber of the group NGC4173 only 63 Mio Ly.

For the galaxy cluster Abell 1495 I found at NED around 656 Mpc . Corresponding light travel time 1,747 Gy. Abell 1495 has a redshift of z=0.141974 found at NED.


The Box.

Their distances are a clear sign for the interaction between these three galaxies. The forth one, NGC4173 is surely not interacting with the other three galaxies because theri distance is only 63 mio Ly.

Abell 1495

The galaxie Cluster Abell 1495 appears in a yellow color because of it's redshift.


































Object identification


The grey luminance channnel