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Galaxies NGC2595, UGC4414 in Cancer

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Exposure date 28.01.2011, 29,01,2011 and 30.01.2011
Camera Artemis 4021
Instrument 12,5" Newton RCNA
Mount Gemini 41
Filters Baader LRGB Filterset
Exposure time (L,R,G,B)(11x11x12x12) * 600s, total 7 H 40 min
Image orientation North is left, east is down
Datareduction and image processing                            
Imaging conditions cirrus, Seeing around 3"
Object data

Classification: SABc   
Size:   1.7/ 1.1'
Brightness: 13.57

Classification: S0-a   
Size:   1.0/ 0.9'
brightness: 14.06

Distance to sun

NGC2595 = 72,7 Mpc = 237 Mio years light travel time

UGC4414 = 121,5 Mpc  =  396 Mio years light travle time



You will find planetoid Iris 7 in the right middle of the image. Detected in teh red an green Filter. In the following night it is visible in the blue filter on the upper edge of the image. In the Luminance filter you will find it in the lower right corner.